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One of Gateway Global Delivery's key competitive strengths is the robust technological capabilities that we offer our clients; which, in turn, enhance quality controls and ensure accurate accounting of shipping services.

A key competitive strength and market differentiator is the technological capabilities that Gateway Global Delivery has invested in building over the past several years. Through development of our proprietary Electronic Data Interface (EDI)-based billing platform, we are able to fully integrate and streamline invoice management and processing directly with our clients’ respective accounting systems.  This affords our customers a number of time saving benefits, including reduced labor cost and turnkey accountability and reconciliation of all shipments processed. 


To fully appreciate this, it is first necessary to understand how standard monthly invoicing procedures typically transpire when dealing with major express and ground carriers. For businesses, such as a law firm or parts manufacturer which ship numerous letter and/or small parcel packages via express and ground each and every day, an invoice is generated by the carrier for each individual shipment.   In the event that one or more of these shipments fail to arrive at their intended destinations on time or at all, it is up to the business owner or administrator to proactively seek the applicable credit directly with the carrier. With virtually hundreds of invoices to review, confirm and process for payment, the responsibility for reconciling all the related paperwork, allocating the shipment to a specific group or client account and securing  credits payments, when applicable, can prove challenging for even the most organized accounting staff.    


Many small- and medium-sized businesses simply cannot handle the invoice audit and payment function in an efficient and cost-effective manner.  Developing and managing carrier relationships requires an intimate knowledge of the industry as well as knowledge of carrier tariffs and rates.  To acquire this knowledge is time consuming and often lost through employee attrition.  Moreover, information required to process carrier bills for payment constantly changes and requires much time to maintain current knowledge bases.  In addition, many companies find that issuing one check a week or month to a third party instead of processing multiple checks for individual invoices is a cost and time saver. 


By partnering with the seasoned professionals at Gateway Global Delivery, businesses benefit from our noted expertise in best industry practices, improved cost controls and savings and faster decision-making processes.

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"Late one night, one of our attorneys had boxes of documents that needed to be delivered to Harrisburg early the following morning.  Even though the material was not ready for pickup until 3:00 AM, Gateway Global Delivery had it delivered at 9:20 AM.  This is the reason they are our preferred vendor for overnight delivery,"


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