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Q. As a customer of Gateway Global Delivery, Inc., will I reduce my overall shipping costs?


A. YES, there are numerous ways that GGD can show a benefit to your organization’s bottom line. We are ALWAYS able to streamline the ancillary distractions that tie up your internal human and capital resources and place a burden on your organization.



Q. Will I still have to utilize an 800 number and shipping carrier websites to track my shipments?


A. NO, GGD tracks your shipments for you. We realize that your internal personnel lose valuable time waiting for an updated delivery status. GGD will notify you of any delays and keep you aware of the status of your delivery. In the event that you have a question, you will always speak directly to your personal customer service representative.



Q. Can I expect that GGD will be able to manage the unusual demands at odd hours that my organization faces?


A. YES, it has been our experience, especially with customers in the legal, manufacturing and energy industries, that from time to time special shipping requirements or an unusual delivery timeframe is required. Whatever the requirement may be, just call us and we will handle it for you.



Q. Will my internal personnel be responsible for transferring recipient address books within the carrier website?


A. NO, GGD will transfer all pertinent client and or recipient information for you. This transition will be seamless and convenient.



Q. Will we receive guidance and shipping direction on the most efficient and effective way to ship both domestically and internationally?


A. YES, GGD functions as your subject matter experts, always providing you timely and cost effective shipping options. In today’s global business environment import and export regulations on international shipments become mission critical to your success. You can have confidence in our expertise.



Q. Will I still receive separate invoices for Express, Ground, Courier Services and FTL/LTL?


A. NO, GGD realizes that each customer’s invoice requirements are unique. We have the ability to not only consolidate but also customize your billing to suit your specific needs.



Q. I realize that you will provide customized billing and account review and audit, but do you also have the ability to provide our organization with an electronic billing system that is easily imported into our accounting software?


A. YES, GGD offers a proprietary software system that provides you with the capability to easily access and import all of your billing information. This streamlines and or eliminates the need for internal data entry services as they relate to your shipping invoices.

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